The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Who would not know them. Homer is proud of his work in a nuclear power station and he is proud of what all he has achieved. However, always there are some problems forcing Homer to think and this is activity which he hates from the bottom of his heart. He would rather have a square steak, preferably for dinner, rinses it down with a package of beer cans... and so he saddles his wife Marge with everyday worries. Her hairstyle is perfectly visible from almost every place of Springfield...

Their three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie are cute kids which often shock their neighbourhood with their "games". Particularly Bart excels in mad ideas. Lisa is a very nice girl, but very curious and so they with Bart often embark on indescribable madnesses. Maggie is still too small for great mischief... So as disasters started by children would come off as best as possible, Homer himself embarks on their solutions.

The Simpsons are such a normal cartoon family...






Spongebob Squarepants


Yeah ... Who lives in a pineapple at the bottom of seas? SpongeBob SquarePants! He is covertly burning with great love... SpongeBob is a nice, generous, friendly and trusting, well-behaved boy. Mischievous smile with two big teeth, distinctive face and body, unspoiled and friendly character – he is really sweet. SpongeBob's innocent and selfless intentions never let him intentionally do anything bad or hurt anyone.

His boss Mr. Krabs and the neighbor Squidward are the main victims of his failed adventures. He, together with Squidward, works as a cook in the Krusty Krab restaurant.

He spends free time with his friend Patrick, his female friend Sandy and his pet snail Gary. Most of all he likes catching jellyfish. When worms destroy his pineapple house, the only one SpongeBob's tear miraculously restores the house from a tiny seed in a few seconds. It is no wonder we love him.




Dora the Explorer

DoraDora the Explorer is half-hour animated TV series for children, in which a seven year old girl and her friends play major roles. The broadcast is intended for active involvement of preschool children in playful story in the style of adventurous computer games. In each episode, Dora encourages young viewers to join her and set out for adventure or exploration way with a clearly defined goal. Dora and her viewers have to solve many problems and overcome various obstacles on the way to their destination. The map with plotted stops serves them for it. Dora, her viewers and friends end each episode with characteristic triumphal dance with the chant "We did it!". Dora the Explorer is the revolutionary children's broadcast, besides other things because it involves children in a game and encourages them to react when they watching each episode. Dora the Explorer also familiarises children with English vocabulary, encourages them to move and provides them with skills and self-confidence needed to overcome obstacles.




Snoopy is a small animated white dog.

SNOOPY is the extrovert beagle who embarks resolutely on any activity. However, he is a real expert in one of them and this is dreaming on the roof of his doghouse, from where he impatiently looks out when his master with a round head, Charlie Brown, will bring him something good to eat.

He never talks (it would be too human trait), but he expresses all his opinions and moods only by grimaces or through his internal opinions in balloons. However, Charles Schulz depicted him in various roles, thanks to them, the painter, writer, hockey player, Joe Cool, fighter ace of World War I, legionnaire and many more gained his fame.







GarfieldGarfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis. It was published first on 19 June 1978 and the lazy tomcat Garfield, somewhat mindless dog Odie and their socially awkward owner Jon Arbuckle star in main roles. What is Garfield like? He loves food (especially lasagne) and sleeping. He kicks dogs, joyfully attacks postmen, scratches every new piece of furniture. He brutally struggles mainly with those who tried to approach his bowl with food, unless it is for the purpose of its replenishment. He suffers from depression and bad moods constantly and is rarely satisfied. He sees the world pessimistically or complements his thoughts by his theories which are naturally in harmony with his love for eating and sleeping. He also likes singing on a fence, but he does not mind at all that everybody cannot stand his night show! You have never seen him go golfing or go to the countryside, which contrarily he hates? And what about his rampage in supermarkets, diets, squashing of spiders and panic about vets? It is simply inimitable thick orange ball of hairs which already has tens of millions of fans around the world. Everybody loves him what he is like. He does not play with a ball like other cute kittens, but he sharpens his claws on curtains in a living room? Then it would not be Garfield...



Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty - the cult "CAT" which is known throughout the world.

Popular with all age groups.









Disney - Classics

DisneyMany "classic" fairy tales by Walt Disney still remain popular for many years....for example: - Bambi: In the very heart of a forest, the little Bambi lives, makes his first hesitant steps in life and gets to know the world around him. Together with his friends, cute bunny Thumper and shy skunk Flower, they experience great adventures. They skate on "stiff" water, frolic in the woods and familiarize themselves with all its strange inhabitants. Their wise guide Owl, which is of royal origin, passes on its experience with love, losses and life to them. - Lion King: The story takes place in the African savanna in the animal world where King Mufasa rules to satisfaction of all and just his son Simba was born. The entire kingdom welcomes the successor to the throne with joy, only the king's brother Scar is unpleasantly surprised by this news. He wants to become the king instead of Mufasa and Simba is another obstacle. - Marie: the most cute cat from the whole "bunch" The Aristocats.





Disney/Pixar - Cars

CarsLightning McQueen is a small race car whose dream is to stand on the winners' podium in the Golden Piston Championship. Since victory would mean also fame and prestige which the young car would like. However, he was led, by his way to the races, into a out-of-the-way town Radiator Springs. Here Lightning met new friends who showed him that much more important than the first place is something else – friendship and what "Heart" a car has.






Disney - Finding Nemo

NemoIn colourful and warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin and his only son Nemo live in their safe and secluded dwelling made of anemones. Marlin, with fears of all unpredictable dangers which depths of the ocean give, tries to protect his son from pitfalls of the surroundings. However, Nemo, like all small fish, is very curious and wants to explore the mysterious reef. When he is unexpectedly abducted far from home and ends up in an aquarium which decorates a cheap dentist's office, Marlin finds himself unexpectedly in the role of a hero on a way to rescue his son.





Disney/Pixar - Monsters, Inc.

MonstersTwo successful movies about Monsters from Disney production: Monsters, Inc. (2003): Monsters Incorporated is a scare factory managed by Henry J. Waternoose and one of its main scarers is James P. Sullivan whose scary assistant and best friend and roommate is Mike Wazowski. The little girl Boo accidentally gets into the mysterious world of monsters and scarers where electrical energy is generated by children's (terrified) screams... Monsters University (2011): Since he was only a little monster, Mike Wazowski has dreamed of becoming a successful monster. Everybody knows that the best monsters come from the Monsters University. However, right during the first semester in university, Mike's plans begin to collapse when its way is crossed by the ace monster James P. Sullivan, called Sulley, who is a natural talent for scaring. Life at the university and in the hall of residence gets a bit out of control of this pair and their competitiveness leads them to being fired from the elite university scaring program.



Disney - The Muppets

The MupetsThe plush Muppets were presented on American television for the first time in 1969, in the series which is known in the Czech Republic under the name Sesame, open! Unlike other animated series, which only entertains kids, this one is focused on a program that could be called "learning by playing". The series has become a successful evergreen of television stations around the world.






Disney - Phineas and Ferb

Phineas_and_FerbPhineas and Ferb are brothers and most of all they like to invent. However, their sister Candy does not like this, she uses every free moment to tell parents about them. Our heroes also have a bit unusual pet - the platypus Perry, but he is not just an ordinary pet. When nobody is looking, he suddenly becomes a hero who fights against the insidious Dr. Doofenshmirtz.












Disney - Planes

PlanesFrom cloudy heights of the world of movie Cars, Planes arrive, the animated comedy-adventure movie stuffed with actions, where Dusty Crophopper is introduced, a crop dusting plane with a big heart and fast wings which dreams of taking part in the most amazing aerial race around the world. Only a few somewhat bigger problems are in his way - Dusty Crophopper is not exactly built for racing and moreover he is a bit afraid of heights. Despite his phobias, Dusty Crophopper manages, with support of his teacher from the Naval Air Force, Skipper, to qualify for the main race with a scraped propeller. However, defending champion Ripslinger does not like his passion for sports and speed, nothing deter him, just to stop Dusty Crophopper. When a disaster happens during culmination of the final race, Dusty Crophopper's courage is really tested. Supported by old and new friends, Dusty Crophopper ascends to the heights, of which he never dreamed, and also demonstrate to astonished onlookers that the world in clouds really does not know boundaries.


Disney - Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the PoohEnchanting and cute adventures of Winnie the Pooh have given joy to children and adults around the world for many years. The stories take place in the Hundred Acre Wood where series animals live. These friends stick together under all circumstances, even though they have their weaknesses and sometimes realize really "bird-brained" ideas. However, this is their world. The world of child's fantasy and imagination, where, for example, the North Pole can be found in the middle of their wood...









Disney - Princesses


Disney Princesses is the trademark owned by The Walt Disney Company, it includes female characters of some animated films of Walt Disney. The group includes these princesses:

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Ariel
  • Beauty
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas
  • Mullan
  • Merida






Disney - Mickey & Friends

MickeyMickey Mouse is a funny cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. Mickey was created by Walt Disney in 1928. The talking mouse who usually wears red shorts, large yellow shoes and white gloves. Mickey has become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. Mickey usually appears alongside his girlfriend Minnie, his dog Pluto, his friends Donald Duck, Daisy and Goofy ..





Disney - Violetta

ViolettaVioletta is an Argentinian dramatic series which was premiered on May 14, 2012 on Disney Channel Latin America and November 11, 2013 on Czech Disney Channel. Sometimes it is also presented as a soap opera. The series tells the story of musically gifted teenager Violetta (played by the Argentinian actress Martina Stoessel) who returns to her native Buenos Aires with her father after several years living in Europe. Each episode contains original musical numbers of various musical genres.







Disney - Frozen

FrozenFrozen is an American animated musical-fantastic film from 2013 by directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, inspired by the fairy tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The film tells the story of the fearless princess Anne who sets out, with help of the mountain dweller Kristoff, his faithful reindeer Sven and the live snowman Olaf, to find her sister Elsa who unintentionally turned the kingdom into everlasting winter by her ice magic.













Disney - Sofia the First


Become a princess overnight? Sofia can do it! (Animated series)

Little Sophia lived very ordinary life until the moment when her mother married the king Roland. A difficult task awaits Sofia at the royal court - learn to be a real princess. Nice fairies from princesses' school and loyal animal friends help her, but there are also the envious and foes who would like to thwart her efforts. However, Sofia has her heart in the right place and so she understands soon that this are not a dress and a crown that make a princess, but they are honesty, courage and willingness to help.
















Disney - Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins

You need not to be afraid of this doctor.

Animated series shows small children how care for their health, hygiene and how to take care of their loved ones. A little girl named Dottie is introduced in the series, she is able to communicate with plush animals and toys and they talk to her, especially if they need her help, for example, to repair a stitch or bandage an injury. During that Dottie and her friends Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly give the others useful advice on how to take care of themselves and the others and not be afraid to see a doctor.



















Marvel - Spider-Man


Spider-Man is the fictitious figure of comics stories published by the Marvel Comics publishing house. He appeared first in the comics Amazing Fantasy # 15 in 1962.

This is one of the most successful and most popular comics ever. Peter Parker is bitten by a spider on the exhibition of scientific innovations and thus he becomes Spider Man who fights like a superhero against the biggest criminals in New York, scales skyscraper walls and throws nets on villains at night. However, in the morning he changes into the shy student Peter Parker who suffer from common human problems.